Kejriwal to Auction His Muffler to raise fund for free water, electricity and WiFi

US politicians have established methods of fund raising such as speeches and dinner parties, a practice that Kejriwal also followed during his election campaign. However, it was left to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to chart out an entirely novel and interesting way to raise funds.

He hit upon the inventive idea of auctioning off his Modi suit, a quite expensive one custom prepared for him, in which his name was woven into the pinstripe that he wore during Obama’s visit to India.

Egos aside, the auction fetched a handsome amount of Rs. 4.31 crores from a Surat Diamond Baron, Laljibhai Patel. The suit was originally gifted by Ramesh Virani to Modi. Other gifts he received also fetched handsome amounts during an auction.

This is a novel idea indeed since, in India, it is a custom for housewives to normally exchange old clothes for utensils. One does not like to speculate on what the PM would have done with utensils since he is a bachelor and all his needs are taken care of since he is the leader of the country.

Since India is copy cat country, it follows that other political leaders too would think of auctioning off their clothes.  Thank God we do not have any Girnari babas as political leaders. They do not wear anything at all.

Rakhi Sawant auctioned off the necklace she wore in Rakhi Ka Swayamwar with the proceeds to be distributed to budding actors who need surgical enhancements. A noble thought, you would say.

Brinda Karat is thinking of auctioning off her collection of bindis. Karunanidhi is thinking of auctioning his glasses and Kiran Bedi her stiff collars. Auctioneers are going to be busy as one can see.

How the idea of auctioning off clothes will affect garment manufacturers is another question. Anyway, in the wake of the Narendra Modi suit auction AAP is seriously considering auctioning the muffler worn by Kejriwal during his election campaign.

There are reports the muffler man never washed the muffler during the three months of campaign and that the piece of winter wear is somewhat soiled and frayed.

AAP says it will not have the muffler washed in order to preserve its authenticity. Some say the muffler bears stains and even phlegm since Kejriwal is also famous for his cough, so many cough drop manufacturers in the country notwithstanding.

Any one wanting to become infected with the Kejriwal cough might bid for it. The muffler will also serve its true purpose of protecting against the cold winters so usual in the North.

As for Kejriwal he is reported to have said that suits are for humans and with the muffler, he is more like Batman. Someone tell him Batman wore a cape.

Modi suit auction money purportedly went towards funding the Clean Ganga Mission. AAP says it will donate the money for construction of a Dharna Bhavan to help agitators at the Ram Lila Maidan.

The question is how much will the muffler fetch?  Or will there be any takers at all? Kejriwal should think of auctioning it to raise fund to provide free electricity, water and WiFi to the people of Delhi as promised during election.

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