Need of a Home State For Sindhis In India?

Sindhis have been in India  and, like salt in water,  make up the saline lifeblood of the country. They are in the weave, making up the warp and the weft. However, there is one matter of (minor) regret for them (according to a few) and that is they do not have a State they can call their own.

Marathis have Maharashtra, Punjabis have Punjab and so on but, in a sense, though they migrated in droves from Sindh in Pakistan to India during the partition riots, they are the true Indians because they belong to all of India and all of India belongs to them.

Sindhis have settled everywhere from the Northernmost reaches of India to its Southernmost tip; from Assam and Nagaland to Gujarat and Kutchch. They are not confined to borders and the world is their home.

Successful wherever they settled, Sindhis have left a mark in business, in law, in government and public administration and in performing arts as well. Refugees at one time, Sindhis are at the forefront today.

Will a State for Sindhis help them in any establish a unique identity or give them a sense of belonging? Before that comes the question that since they are successful wherever they go and in whatever they do, do they actually need any state.

Their roots lie in SIndh now in Muslim Pakistan, a place where they would not be comfortable to return to and they know it well. No other state can substitute for the original homeland, one that has been tinged with their blood, sweat and toil since millennia but is now no longer a place they can call home.

One way of thought would be that it is only people who have nothing positive to do in life or goals to achieve would think of such mundane matters like a State or creation of special zones exclusively for them. That would be ghettoization.

Sindhis, as a whole, are too broad minded with a global perspective to even think of wanting to confine themselves to narrow specifics of geography or way of thought.

This can be seen in their perception of religion. Hindus at the core, Sindhis also give equal respect to Sufi way of thought, to the teachings of Guru Nanak and to the teachings of Kabir.

This is one community or ethnic group that even has cultural icons like Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, one of the greatest Muslim poets in Sindhi language.

Some people say, “The World is their State so why should Sindhis even think of wanting a state?”What do you think? Please comment.

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