Prime Minister Narendra Modi To Start Gilli Danda World Cup in India

The Americans have their baseball, rugby and basketball and invariably term these championships as World championship games even if it these tournaments are played only in the States.

Perhaps taking a leaf out of their book our honourable Prime Minister the esteemed Shri Narendra Modi may be thinking of starting a Gilli Danda World Cup in India if my speculations are to be believed.

Modiji has quite a few firsts to his credit. The Gilli Danda World Cup, should it become a reality, will be another peacock feather in his paghdi.  The prime minister promised innovation and he delivers such as auctioning off his suit.

Gilli danda may be extinct in cities with cricket so popular. In the rural areas it still survives because all you need is a stick cut off from a tree branch. There is a small stick known as the gilli and the larger one, about a foot or more in length, known as the danda.

As happens in life, the bigger one beats the smaller one and the danda is used to hit the gilli. There are variations in the game the English call tipcat. It is believed the game originated during the glorious Mauryan reign, about 2500 years ago and if we can’t find our way into the future, at least we can go back to the past and revive whatever is left to us.

Reviving gilli danda will be great for the Indian pride.

Will the environmentalists take it in the right spirit? If my dream becomes a reality then we will see wholesale cutting down of trees to meet the huge demand. Especially if huge prize money is offered, everyone will want to play.

Maybe some bright industrialist will come up with aluminum, fiberglass or polymer gilli danda and save the trees.  The greatest beneficiaries, however, should be the people of the rural areas who cannot even think of buying a ball, let alone a bat, to play cricket.

Let us all support Modi and wait for the first great gilli danda tournament as a kickoff to the World Cup.

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