Privacy Policy

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Welcome to our site. We value your privacy and the need for keeping your personal details safe and secure. Please read this privacy policy and also terms of use before you proceed with use of this site.

Personal details

Personal details means and includes your name, address, telephone contact and email. It can also include bank details if and when submitted for the purpose of any transaction. These details are kept fully safe and secure under three layers of security.

We use your personal data to communicate with you, to send offers, emails and newsletters and keep you updated. We use your details to resolve issues if there are any. Your personal details are used for transaction purposes.

We do not sell or otherwise make commercial use of your personal details. We may share your data with our associates in order to send you informative emails and promotions. We do not disclose your data to anyone unless required by law in which case we shall inform you beforehand.

You can log into your account and change your personal details at any time. You can also delete your account by sending an email from your registered email address to our email address. When we delete data it is wiped from our servers and no record will exist.

We try to keep your personal data fully safe and secure at all times. However, it may happen that hackers may attack our site and data may be compromised. We are not responsible or liable in any way for any such malicious attacks and the outcomes.


Our site may place cookies on your computer system. You are free to accept or reject cookies. You can disable cookies in your browser but at the cost of reduced experience. Cookies do not access any data on your system. They only track your website behaviors, pages visited, time spent and your IP address. This enables automatic content delivery for a better user experience.

Third party links

Our web pages may show third party links. We are not associated with or affiliated with or endorse any of these sites. If you visit these sites it is at your risk. Their terms will apply.

We reserve the right to amend or alter any terms herein without prior intimation. Please always check before you proceed with use of this website.