Swachch Bharat Maha-aviyan: Start a Stone Pelting Agitation Targeting People toileting near Railway Tracks

During a train journey, just wake up early in the morning and sit besides the window and look outside. What will you see???? Hundreds of people are toileting in public showing off their bare butts.

Yes! It’s the image of India for many foreign tourists who get to see such natural beauties in their train journeys.

It’s the time to teach those public-toileters a lesson. Next time you travel by train, kindly carry a small piece of stone and dare to through it targeting the butts of the people who have turned the railway tracks into open toilets. And the problem will be solved in one week. Dare to start this Swachch bharat Maha-aviyan.

Someone cares. Everyone cares. No one likes it when they pass by compound walls and streets from where the smell of feces and urine pollute the air for yards around. No one likes to see the bare butts of people defecating by the side of railway tracks. It offends the senses.

Kejriwal adopted the broom as the symbol for his Aam Admi Party and since then the humble broom has been making headlines. The Prime Minister took up the broom in a symbolic campaign, the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan.

All of a sudden squalor is out and cleanliness is in, even if we pay lip service to it. A few swallows do not make a summer and a few brooms languidly plying their trade on a few square feet do not make for a Swachch Bharat.

The thought has to come from within each one but it will be a long time in coming when one considers the Indian mindset: my home is sacrosanct and the public places are fit to be littered.

Simply brooming away debris will not make for a clean or Swachch India. Money is laundered in Swiss Banks but does not come clean.

People will urinate in corners, on lamp posts, on walls of buildings and on compounds because these are in public places and who will say or who cares?

People will chew paan and spit just about anywhere in public because who is there to tick them off or who cares?

People will defecate in public in plain sight of people. You can see these in slums, on railway tracks, in villages and everywhere. If they do it in public who is there to tell them not to do so and who cares?

It is the public apathy to desecration of public places that is precisely responsible for these “minor” crimes.  If there is a law in place, there is no one to enforce it or the enforcers themselves are lackadaisical and apathetic because who cares?

These things can be stopped be provided the powers that be adopt novel approaches. In their righteousness they pass laws and bills but for defecating, spitting or urinating in public?

Chalta hai, hota hai, it is our society, our samaj and so on… What we need is a public law that will empower the public to stone, bash or otherwise teach such guys a lesson….in public.

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