Vegetarianism Can End Violence In the World

The food you eat decides your temperament. Love and compassion for animal will be the base to garner love and compassion for the fellow human beings.

Let’s take the animals as an example. The herbivorous animals like cow, goat, horse are non-violent. On the other hand the carnivorous animals like tiger, lions etc are violent and ferocious. The food that you eat decides your nature.

A person who cannot kill an animal will rarely be able to kill a person. It has been proved in the research conducted on the murderers that they had a history of cruelty to animals. Let us correct the violent psychology at its root by spreading love for animals.

The human being is the only animal on Earth that can claim to be cultured and civilized. The species is also the most brutal of all animals.

Carnivores kill only to eat. Humans kill indiscriminately, butchering people and animals alike to fulfill their lust for power or to satisfy jaded appetites.

There is a school of thought that divides food into “tamasic” category, one that arouses the base passions in man. Non-vegetarian food falls in this category. Is it any surprise that non vegetarians are the most violent and brutal people today?

Violence is not just what one considers treatment of human beings. It is also treatment of animals. Videos have gone viral of how the animal food production industry in USA and Europe keep livestock cruelly penned in narrow places, not even allowing them space to move and, when they are suitably fattened up, brutally butchering them to appease palates.

These animal and poultry industries systematically and cruelly keep animals and poultry in a state of continual torture for anything from six months to two years. Count the seconds the poor animal dumbly and agonizingly endures pain and discomfort in sheer hopelessness. This is worse than violence; it is sadism.

By accepting such food sources society gives violence official sanction. It gives a dangerous message to children and future generations that it is OK to be cruel and violent if it brings  benefit and pleasure, gastronomic or otherwise.

Research has shown that animals feel pain, fear, rage and other emotions. These emotions become ingrained in the meat that humans consume and influence their behaviour, making them aggressive and violent.

Vegetarian food has always been considered “satvik” or pure. Eating vegetarian food quells baser passions and arouses the element of spirituality, the true essence of humanity.

Apart from the fact that becoming vegetarian means saving countless animal lives, reducing pollution and feedstock as well as water waste, vegetarianism will resolve food problems since the grain used to feed animals  and water can reach people in need.

Eating purely vegetarian food works better at inducing alpha waves in the brain, leading to a feeling of peaceful relaxation.  Meat protein, on the other hand, affects brain thought patterns and promotes aggression.

 The Jain community is purely vegetarian and one of the most peaceful in the world: perhaps we can take a leaf out of their book.

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