What Asaduddin Owaisi should know about Yoga

  • Doing “namaskar” does not mean worshiping. Asaduddin Owaisi must be saying “namaskar” or “salaam” at least 10 times to different people in a day. Does it mean that he is worshiping or praying all these people throughout the day?
  • Doing Surya Namaskar yoga, does not mean saluting the Sun. It’s only a name given to the posture. ….The same way performing bhujangasan does not mean becoming a snake or doing padmasana does not mean becoming a padma (lotus) or becoming a symbol of BJP
  • Moreover, apart from Surya Namaskar, there are many others postures in Yoga that we can follow. Why to oppose it?
  • Performing Kung Fu or Karate does not mean following Buddhism the same way practising Yoga does not mean following Hinduism.
  • 47 Muslim countries including Pakistan have also decided to observe the “World Yoga Day.” They don’t have any problem. Why should you have a problem? Only to get some media coverage?
  • Yoga is more popular among the Christians of Europe / America compared to the Hindus of India.
  • After all good health is for everyone; not only for a people of a particular religion. Yoga is for good physical and mental health. The world has acknowledged the benefits of yoga.
  • Dear Asaduddin, nobody knew you a few years back. You came to limelight only through giving controversial statement. Please stop doing so for religious harmony of our nation.
  • If something originated in India does not mean that it only belongs to the followers of Hinduism. We the Muslims & Christians of India also originated in India only. We are equally proud of Yoga that our forefathers invented in the ancient time and the world follows today.
  • Dear Akbaruddin Owaisi, your brother Akbaruddin Owaisi is first person in India who needs yoga for mental peace.

Let there be Peace! Peace! Peace!

                                                                                                     — Saifuddin Ahmed

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