Why I Love Football More Than Cricket

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  • Football is heart-stopping action from start to finish, a fast paced high octane game. In comparison, cricket is like, well, something more suited for staid grandmas.
  • It is rough. It is tough. You gotta have the muscle, the speed and the skills to play football. Any wimp can play cricket.
  • Most of the countries in the world even want to discuss cricket. Football is their lifeblood, the wine that livens up our lives.
  • I love football. 22 dummies chasing a ball and a shooter who cannot put a ball into a goal that is 10 feet wide and 8 feet high. Self goals are so hilarious. And the antics of Suarez and Balotelli are worth watching. Want more reasons? There are more than 22 million dummies following the game.
  • You do not need a pitch, bats, wickets, pads, gloves and other gear to play football. A ball and a play area are enough to get you started kicking the ball around and having a ball.
  • Why do I love football? I can play it come hail, shine or rain. I do not have to spend a whole day or five days like cricketing fools do to come to a result or worse, no result at all. It takes only 90 minutes.
  • Above all, football is a truly international game. All countries in the world participate in it.

Jenny Sharma