Why Tata Can Never Be Successful In Selling Private Cars

When we say tata, the first image that comes to your mind is a truck. You can never sell a private car with the brand image of a truck. With this brand image you can sell taxi but not private cars. The logo of Tata is enough to chase away any potential customer for private car.

it’s a fact that I don’t know why the brand managers of Tata don’t understand.

Create a different brand name with a different logo for the private car business (for Example TML) ,  the same way you have created the “Titan” brand for watches.

Had you named Titan watches as “Tata Watches”, nobody would have bought it except the truck drivers.

Tata have been struggling since long to come up with a car that becomes as popular as the Maruti 800. Sadly, it has not succeeded. The Safari, the Indigo and Indica range and the Manza did not receive acclaim.

Perhaps it is the design or the performance or the price but Tata cars, like the good guys, always finished last. Perhaps it is the fact that the Tata brand is inextricably linked with steel and trucks.

Their Land Rover and Jaguar brands are doing exceedingly well in international markets. Their trucks sell like hot cakes but not their cars. A glimmer of hope was there when they went back to the drawing board and came up with the Zest that saw bookings of 10000.

If the Zest targets the mid segment, the Bolt, the latest from their stables to carry the Tata brand, is a hatchback aimed at people who love to drive. Will the Zest and the Bolt go the way of the Indigos— more favored by taxi operators than by people? It seems likely.

The Bolt is an all new radical design hatchback, somewhat smaller than the Zest sedan and both are powered by a turbocharged ECU controlled Revotron engine. The Bolt has a tweaked gearbox for fast acceleration.

This car has tremendous potential and specifications rival similar offerings from world famous brands but is the Bolt going to do for Tata what the 800 did for Maruti? It hardly seems likely. There is a jinx on the Tata brand logo when it comes to cars.

Tata succeeded immensely in the jewellery and watches segment by using the Titan brand but for some obscure reason, chose to stick with Tata branding for cars and that could be their waterloo.

It is a matter of speculation that if their watches and jewelry carried the Tata brand they would not have been quite so popular and would have been the preserve of truck drivers, perhaps.

There is another side to it also. The Indicas and Indigos are now mostly used by private taxi operators and an image is created that Tata cars are good only for that purpose.

Anyone seen driving even the Zest or Bolt could be perceived as being a private taxi operator and who wants that kind of image? Car buyers and users are conscious about their image. And it is not as if there are not other better known brands in the price segment.

So, Bolt, so sorry. Kindly come up with a different logo and a brand name if you want to survive.

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